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Rent of aerial work platform DAEWOO with 60 meter long boom

Rent of aerial work platform DAEWOO with 60 meter long boom

350 kg of max lifting load of the cage allows to carry not only 2-3 specialists, but also a lot of installation equipment.

Rental term is not less than 1 month


Max horizontal reach, m
Max lifting height, m
Max lifting capacity of the platform, kg
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Delivery to the construction site throughout Russia

Nitek Company operates throughout the Russian Federation. The Headquarter of the company is situated in Nizhny Novgorod, our company has branches and bases which are situated in the most remote regions - Amur, Murmansk, Irkutsk, Omsk, Vologda, Tyumen, Arkhangelsk, Samara, Moscow and Leningrad regions, as well as in the Yamalo-Nenets Autonomous District, Siberian Federal District and Khabarovsk Territory

That allows us to deliver the specialized equipment much faster than our competitors. We organize the mobilization by ourselves, therefore we are able to guarantee that our hydraulic Aerial work platform with 60 meter long boom DAEWOO will be delivered in time and in appropriate condition.

Rent Daewoo 60 m Aerial work platform truck

If your company needs to perform any kind of work related to lifting up people and loads, but you do not wish to buy an aerial platform, you may rent one from NITEK. Our car fleet includes a high-performance elevating device Daewoo. Its boom has the maximal reach of 60 meters. Carrying capacity of the cage is 350kg.

One of the main advantages of that aerial work platform is that the operation of elevating jib is completely safe. The lift is equipped with special breaks and sensors that quench its oscillations, therefore, excluding the risk of tripping over of the cage.
It is also important to mention that the aerial work platform is extremely convenient in operation due to ergonomic properties of the control panel.

Daewoo auto hydro aerial work platform can be used under all kinds of weather conditions. It is well adjusted to intensive exploitation, low-maintenance and fuel-efficient. The 60-meter aerial platform is designed for construction and installation works. It may be used for maintenance of utility systems and services of a building. The aerial work platform has shown perfect performance at large construction sites

We provide our services throughout Russia 

By renting a 60-meter aerial work platform you are also getting a set of tools and materials for its maintenance and repair. But, you won't have to deal with it all by yourselves, as we also provide a technician, an electrician, and a mechanic. The lift will be operated by our trained machine-operator, who has a required level of qualification, valid permits and licenses.

A Daewoo equipment optimizes the entire range of tasks and expenses. There is no valid reason to buy this kind of equipment if you require it only for one-time job – in that case renting is the best option.

You are unterested in rent of aerial work platform daewoo with 60 meter long boom or you still have questions?

Заказать аренду необходимой вам техники можно по телефону: +7 (960) 173-80-81 - звонок бесплатный по России. Также в случае необходимости менеджер нашей компании поможет вам определиться с выбором идеального варианта техники для вашего вида высотных работ, исходя из характера объекта и поставленных задач.

Additional consulting service
Based on our customers needs we do provide the consulting service to help you choose the most appropriate special-purpose equipment – aerial work platform trucks, cranes, excavators etc. We also provide detailed instruction concerning safety measures and equipment operation. We have a database of our trusted drivers and mechanics.
Wide choice
All over Russia we rent out more than 100 specialized equipment units of all kind for work on different heights and in all kind of conditions. Unique aerial work platform trucks with 75 meter long boom, all road short-base truck cranes. During the long term work the exchange of special-purpose equipment for longer or shorter boom is possible.
The cost of rent
The rental cost is calculated individually, we are taking into consideration the length of rental period, the type of rented equipment, type of shift work, living accommodations and fuel payment. Beneficial loyalty program for long term cooperation and repeat orders.
Annual maintenance of the equipment by RosTechNadzor accredited organization. Built-in computer security systems, protection from strong wind, from overload, depending on the working height limiting the angle of the boom. Minimum accidents at the construction site.