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Renting of cranes


We offer special-purpose equipment with carrying capacity from 16 to 800 ton. Besides that, renting terms and timeframes for truck cranes or crawler-mounted cranes are customizable. All of our crane models are high-tech and multifunctional, securing efficient performance and assistance of a wide range of tasks.

An integrated module of telemetric memory and a load-limiting device allow to use the equipment even under the most challenging conditions, including inside enclosed spaces. And on top of that, renting of an all-terrain truck crane from us will guarantee you safe and stable operation.

Do you still have questions?

To order the rent of the equipment you need, you can call: +7 (960) 173-80-81.
Also, if necessary, the manager of our company will help you decide on the choice of the ideal technique for your type of high-altitude work, based on the nature of the object and the tasks assigned.